It’s been two years since covid-19 was declared a pandemic by the WHO, and we still don’t know the origins of covid-19


This means that there is little reason to indulge. With the virus still circulating widely, the risk of a dangerous new variant remains very real.

Two years later, we are still arguing about where and why covid-19 started in the first place, as scientists are still searching for the definitive clues.

welcome to Curious coincidence. A five-part podcast that tells the story of the hunt for these clues. Hosted by our Biomedicine Editor, Antonio Regalado, it’s a detective story about the virus genome, people in labs doing sensitive research on dangerous germs, and the crisis they’re in. currently find.

It’s a story about why people stay silent and why they talk. This is the sheer power of biotechnology, the science that allowed us to rapidly develop vaccines, but it may also be what got us into trouble in the first place.

Why is it so difficult to uncover his origin story, and why is research important?

As Natasha Loder, health policy editor at The Economist, puts it in the podcast: “You can’t learn from history if you don’t know what your story is, if your history is buried.”

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